Life Spine, Emerge Diagnostics, and Oklahoma Spine & Brain Institute Announced Today That They Received Approval from the Western Institutional Review Board to Conduct a Study Utilizing Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment (EFA)


Study to Determine Outcomes for Open (PLIF) vs Minimally Invasive (MIDLINE) Posterior Lumbar Spine Surgery

HUNTLEY, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Life Spine, a medical device company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets products for the surgical treatment of spinal disorders, is pleased to announce the approval of the study to help determine outcomes for Open vs. Minimally Invasive Posterior Lumbar Spine Surgery.

The purpose of this study is to determine which procedure, open PLIF or MIDLIF, using Life Spine’s NAUTILUS® Thoracolumbar Pedicle Screw System and CENTERLINE® Thoracolumbar Cortical Screw System hardware, is less traumatic to the patient, produces better functional outcomes, and to evaluate if a patient type is better suited for a particular surgery. The goal of this study is to better quantify the approach and outcomes by demonstrating muscular injury and recovery by comparing a baseline pre-operative EFA (Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment) to post-operative EFA tests obtained at specified times, and thus comparing two surgical techniques to determine which demonstrates faster muscular recovery and better functional outcomes.

“This study is unique because for the first time ever, in addition to using questionnaires, surgical outcomes are being assessed by the EFA which measures soft tissue, muscular injury, and recovery. To date there is substantial expense for ongoing treatment and narcotic use to control pain. Under these complicated circumstances medical providers are challenged to find treatments that are less invasive and traumatic that lead to quicker and better recovery time,” said Frank Tomecek, MD FAANS, Principle Investigator.

MaryRose Reaston, Ph.D. CSO Founder Emerge Diagnostic and a Co-Investigator, said, “We are pleased to take part in a ground breaking research study by being able to document muscle pathology and improve patient care.”

“The study provides a comparative platform to help determine which technique demonstrates faster muscular recovery and better functional outcomes. This is an exciting opportunity for use of both Life Spine’s cortical bone screw and traditional pedicle screw systems,” said Mariusz Knap, Vice President of Marketing for Life Spine. “We continue to focus on advancements that strive to improve surgical efficiencies, ease of use and reliability of PLIF and MIDLINE systems, thus providing the highest value of care to our customers and patients.”

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