Upcoming Program Highlights New Approaches to Reduce Claims Costs, Minimize Risk


Upcoming Program Highlights New Approaches to Reduce Claims Costs, Minimize Risk

Organizations looking to reduce their claims costs while providing better care for their employees and minimize risk have an opportunity to learn about new strategies that are reaping benefits for employers throughout the nation. An event coming up later this month pairs representatives of Emerge Diagnostics with employee benefit specialists from TrueNorth to present a holistic approach to helping injured workers and their companies.

EFA Testing

The day kicks off with an in-depth presentation of Emerge’s ground-breaking Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment Soft Tissue Management (EFA-STM) program that can reduce the frequency and severity of workers’ compensation claims while offering better care for the work related injury, typically with a return-on-investment of 3:1. Employers that use the EFA-STM book end program have their employees undergo the testing before and after an injury is reported, and have been excited by their outcomes not only for themselves but for their employees

Jackie McGuire, Risk Manager of GCC Ready Mix will reveal the unprecedented results her company has seen by partnering with us. As MaryRose Reaston, Ph.D. described in a recent Leaders Speak post on WorkCompWire, Emerge’s program has been instrumental in helping GCC save more than 75 percent on its workers’ compensation claims costs in a few short years.

Jackie and Dr. Reaston will each discuss the EFA-STM program and how GCC applied it to create a win-win for injured workers as well as the company’s bottom line. Workers get the benefit of more accurate diagnoses of their soft tissue injuries, leading to prompter, better care — helping the worker heal and return to work faster.

The event is a follow-up to our highly successful day-long session in May, where results and benefits of the EFA-STM program were discussed

Employer Healthcare Savings

One of the advantages of the EFA-STM program is that it can pinpoint whether there is a change in condition.  Providers use the results to guide workers to appropriate care. TrueNorth has developed and refined a program that can lower these costs. Company representatives will discuss their unique, Cost Plus program.

Finally, the day wraps up with a panel discussion featuring representatives of Emerge, TrueNorth, Corridor Law Group PC and AIG discussing examples of claims moving from workers’ compensation to Cost Plus. Attendees will have ample opportunity for Q&A.

The event is being held Thursday, July 26, at the Ron Pearson Center, in Des Moines, Iowa, from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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