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Results you can see.

A better diagnosis leads to better care.

Dramatic cost savings.

Leads to more accurate treatments and stops unnecessary claims.

A game changer in the work comp industry.

The savings are well into the six figures.

—Gerald T. Suther, Work Comp Claims Manager, Heartland Express, Inc.

Occupational Health Clinics

Emerge Diagnostics provides clinics with a unique new service to offer local employers, helping your physicians get better diagnoses and save healthcare costs.


Our Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment identifies and locates soft tissue injuries, reducing the cost of soft tissue claims and getting employees back to work sooner.


Our technology helps your doctor with diagnosis, so you can get directed treatment and return to work quickly.

About Us

Emerge Diagnostics is a California-based company focused on better management of musculoskeletal disorders  (soft tissue injuries), with twin goals of better patient outcomes and reduced costs. With our years of experience applying electrodiagnostic medicine toward workplace injuries, Emerge leads the way with technological development and ongoing innovation.

Our technology enables a more accurate diagnosis allowing targeted, site-specific treatment recommendations that improve outcomes and return-to work times.

Our Mission at Emerge Diagnostics is providing better medical diagnostics with originality, ingenuity and innovation.

EFA Programs Provide

  • Better targeted treatment solutions and quality of life
  • Reduced lost time due to injuries
  • Decreased frequency and severity of Soft tissue claims

Our Technology

Soft tissue injuries are difficult to diagnose, and MRIs cannot help with sprain and strain injuries.  Emerge’s Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment (EFA) Test is designed to objectively diagnose and identify the location, extent, nature and age of soft tissue injuries. Our EFA technology is registered with the FDA as a Class II Medical Device for musculoskeletal disorders.

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