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Emerge Diagnostics Inc. is a medical diagnostic technology company that helps clients in industries from trucking to healthcare to sports diagnose soft tissue injuries, allowing individuals to get targeted treatment and back to work and life, fast.  Soft tissue injuries have traditionally been difficult to diagnose as MRIs most often cannot clearly identify sprains and strains and are static. Emerge’s Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment (EFA) Test diagnoses and identifies the location, extent, nature and age of soft tissue injuries. Our EFA technology is now the gold standard for soft-tissue injury diagnosis and management and is being used by many of the largest companies throughout the United States.

Our Technology

The Emerge Diagnostics Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment (EFA) is a diagnostic evaluation that combines five AMA-accepted diagnostic tests into one comprehensive, objective and reproducible evaluation that includes tests such as:​​

  • Range of motion
  • Functional assessment (FCE)
  • Pinch strength
  • Grip strength
  • Electromyography (EMG)

The EFA technology is a proprietary FDA-cleared device for the diagnosis of soft-tissue injuries.

Dr. Mary Rose Reaston

CEO and Chief Scientific Officer

A Personal Journey

Emerge Diagnostics’ CEO and chief scientific officer, Dr. Mary Rose Reaston, was seriously injured in a car accident and left wanting effective diagnosis.

“I got into a car accident years ago. As a result of this I suffered absolutely debilitating headaches,” says Dr. Reaston. “But everywhere I turned for care—hospitals, chiropractors, physical therapists—I wasn’t getting answers and, more worryingly, I wasn’t getting better. I said to anyone who would listen, ‘Just give me the test that will make me better.’”

“Emerge’s EFA service, a doctor can gain more information remotely than if the person was sitting in front of them in an office.”
—Dr. Mary Rose Reaston, CEO and chief scientific officer

Unfortunately, that test didn’t exist. Not one to give up easily, Dr. Reaston teamed up with university scientists to develop the tools to evaluate her condition, thereby creating the technology behind Emerge Diagnostics.

“I had been told that my condition was the result of migraines,” she says, “however, with the development of EFA, we were able to discover they were in fact tension headaches with a vascular component. My treatment was thereby specified, and I haven’t suffered those sorts of debilitating headaches since.”

Since those early days, Emerge’s technological capabilities have continued to grow. “Back, neck, and shoulder pain continue to be huge areas of medical uncertainty and expense in the United States,” says Dr. Reaston. “EFA technology fills a void in medicine.”

Emerge’s EFA is highly portable as well, and simple to set up. This has made it especially effective since the onset of COVID-19 and the widespread application of telemedicine. 

“Telemedicine is finally realizing its true potential,” says Dr. Reaston. “For the first time, connection with wireless technology allows doctors to monitor multiple muscle groups and range of motion tasks. This allows for pinpointing the precise location of the injury and allowing for site-specific treatment. This has assisted people get better and lead productive lives faster. In fact, the EFA technology is changing the face of diagnosis and treatment and allowing for better telemedicine care. With Emerge’s EFA service, a doctor can gain more information remotely than if the person was sitting in front of them in an office.”

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Phil Reaston

Co Founder and CTO

Phil Reaston is the Chief Technology Officer and co-Founder of Emerge Diagnostics. Mr. Reaston is a certified IBM Architect and MQ Series Engineer, with an extensive background in information technology and computer programming. Previously, Mr. Reaston was chief technology officer of Insight Diagnostics, where was designed and implemented all front and back end systems. Prior to Insight Diagnostics, he was a consulting IT architect at IBM Global Services. Before joining IBM, he held several developer and management roles at CommerceQuest, Office Depot, Empire Stores, Woolworths, Avon & Bristol Computer Unit, Phoenix Assurance and IBM United Kingdom.

Jeff Kisor

Vice President

Through the use of Emerge’s EFA testing, getting workers better care for their work place injury and back to work quicker.