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The savings are well into the six figures.
—Gerald T. Suther, Work Comp Claims Manager, Heartland Express, Inc.

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Our Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment identifies and locates soft tissue injuries, reducing the cost of soft tissue claims and getting employees back to work sooner. Our technology assists your doctor with diagnosis, so you can get directed treatment and return to work quickly.

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Emerge Diagnostics is a California-based company focused on better management of musculoskeletal disorders  (soft tissue injuries), with twin goals of better patient outcomes and reduced costs. With our years of experience applying electrodiagnostic medicine toward workplace injuries, Emerge leads the way with technological development and ongoing innovation.

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Our Technology

Our technology enables a more accurate diagnosis allowing targeted, site-specific treatment recommendations that improve outcomes and return-to work times.

Our Mission at Emerge Diagnostics is providing better medical diagnostics with originality, ingenuity and innovation.

Case Study

Lankford Construction

Lankford Construction finds Emerge Diagnostics’ Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment (EFA) particularly effective in getting to the root of a worker’s injury. OSHA requires several criteria be met for a workman’s compensation claim to be required. Among these are death, loss of consciousness, treatment required beyond first aid, or as a result of a doctor or healthcare professional’s diagnosis. According to Tipps, many, if not most, soft-tissue claims don’t rise to meet these requirements.

Webinar Series

Emerge Diagnostics Presents: ADA & EFA

Learn how to navigate the ADA to ensure better care for work related injuries with MaryRose Reaston and Paul J. Bauer.

In this webinar, we will discuss the following:

  • What Employment Law Policies are Needed to Reduce the Risk of Litigation under the ADA
  • What is a medical examination under ADA
  • When is it permissible to conduct a medical exam under ADA
  • EFA-STM Testing and ADA compliance
  • Business Necessity ADA and EFA
  • Engaging in the Interactive Process and Why it does not end with a second EFA Test
  • What a reasonable accommodation is under the ADA and the burden to find undue hardship


What Our Clients Are Saying

“We have a progressive safety program. Since implementing the EFA into this program, we have taken our experience modification rate from a 1.26 to a 0.76.  My insurance company loves me. They have witnessed it assisting other employees by accurately diagnosing the source of their injury, allowing them to get the proper treatment and return to post-injury status much quicker.”

Judi Tipps, Corporate Secretary
Lankford Construction Company

“This newly discovered evidence [the EFA Test] is unique and directly relevant to the crucial issue of causation. It is substantially probable that this medical report, created almost a year before the litigation was filed, would have caused the jury to evaluate all of the evidence at trial differently. The outcome at trial could well have been different if this evidence had been available.”

Jack B. Weinstein, Senior Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York
His Honor overturned a $5.3 million product liability verdict based on the EFA Test.

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