Congrats to Jason Allen, Travis Biggert on Risk and Insurance Power Broker Awards!


By Nancy Grover, Founder and President of NMG Consulting

Jason Allen “goes 120 percent for his clients.” Travis Biggert is “probably the most proactive individual I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.”

Those well-deserved accolades were included in an article highlighting the winners of Risk and Insurance Magazine’s Power Brokers of the Year award. Jason and Travis are two of the six winners in the Workers’ Compensation category.

Having partnered with both of them I am certainly not surprised by the wins. Both these gentlemen consistently go above and beyond what is necessary and exceed the expectations of their clients in getting the best outcomes for injured workers and payers. I am very proud of them both, and am also happy to say that our company’s EFA-STM Program played a role in their successes.

Jason Allen

As President of Worldwide Risk Management, Jason first came to us looking for the best ways to serve a new client covered under the Defense Base Act. DBA claims are typically hugely expensive, so he needed to find the very best vendors to truly address the client’s needs.

The client, AMK9 is a global security firm that operates in many unstable areas of the world where injuries can be catastrophic. Managing soft tissue injuries can be especially challenging, as they comprised a large percentage of the company’s losses.

When we first partnered with Jason we used EFA testing to conduct baseline imaging of AMK9’s workers. These can be compared to post-injury images to help determine causation. They also allow the physician to quickly understand the problem and the exact treatment needed to help the worker recover and get back to work quickly.

We’ve now worked with several of Jason’s clients and seen the extent to which he goes to help them. He gives 120 percent to each and every client, and has the results to show for it.

The risk manager of AMK9 was quoted in the article as saying Jason “used his resources to dramatically improve our loss history,” and “he’s saved us millions of dollars.”

Travis Biggert

Travis had seen many different types of injuries doing risk management for hospital groups in Oklahoma. Determined to provide the best services to his clients, he spent years creating teams of medical providers, attorneys and other vendors that would lead to the best outcomes for injured workers and payers alike.

He and his team redesigned workers’ compensation programs from top to bottom, resulting in major wins for everyone. One of the changes he implemented was the use of EFA for baseline and post-injury testing for musculoskeletal injuries.

Many workers have abnormal MRIs, especially as they age, and it can be extremely difficult to determine why a worker is in pain. Using the technology cleared by the Food and Drug Administration, the EFA can accurately evaluate if there is a soft tissue injury, whether it is work related, and the best treatment for the person.

As the head of Mercy Regional EMS said in the article, “our number of claims dropped practically overnight and the claims we have now we know are legit.”

An official with another client said Travis and his team’s efforts had reduced what would have been premiums of half a million dollars to under $200,000. “He’s really been a game changer for us.”

R&I Power Brokers

The Risk & Insurance Power Broker winners are chosen by a team of judges who interview hundreds of sources.  As explained on the R&I website, each winner “is an individual who stands out among their peers for the exceptional client work they delivered over the past year. While brokers play many key roles in the insurance industry and risk profession, a Power Broker® award recognizes problem solving, customer service and industry knowledge.”

Both Jason and Travis exhibit the qualities sought by the judges; that is, “their creativity and resourcefulness, their excellent customer service and their industry knowledge.” They are innovators who are blazing a trail and thinking outside the box to deliver the best results for their clients. Each was an early adopter of EFA testing; Jason in the DBA realm and Travis in the domestic arena.

Please join us in congratulating these two unique individuals on this tremendous recognition of their talents and efforts.