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Who We Serve

Emerge Diagnostic’s electrodiagnostic solutions serve people like you. Specifically, we provide objective evaluations of soft tissues, which have traditionally eluded MRI and X-ray capabilities. Our diagnostic tools allow clinicians to evaluate a full range of motion to pinpoint diagnosis and treatment of soft-tissue injury. For anyone looking for an objective soft-tissue diagnosis, Emerge provides results you can trust.

The symptoms of soft-tissue injury run the gamut: from headaches to pains in the neck, shoulder, or back to convulsive or atrophied muscles.

Diagnosing soft-tissue injury has traditionally been fraught with interpretation and argument – what was the true cause? What is the specific treatment?

Emerge Diagnostics takes the guesswork out of assessment and diagnosis. Our technology helps you avoid unnecessary and invasive treatments, such as neck or back surgery–as well as attendant narcotic use. Emerge couples the powers of technology and medical expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of soft-tissue injuries, so you or the people you care for can get back to life.

Some advantages of Emerge Diagnostic’s approach:


Better Results

An FDA-approved Class-II diagnostic for soft-tissue musculoskeletal disorders


Non-invasive technology and non-load-bearing assessments


Anywhere, Anytime

Optimal for improved telemedicine and remote care



For employees, Emerge’s EFA-STM program establishes baselines, ensuring privacy and ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) compliance


Establish baselines using grip, pinch, and full range of motion functional testing that mimic real-world movement

Establish Baselines

Establish the patient’s current condition to measure against future conditions

Cutting-Edge Technology

Emerge’s EFA technology was developed in a university laboratory and refined over the course of years in the field; it combines electromyography, Bluetooth, and proprietary processor technologies to consistently deliver accurate results


What Our Clients Are Saying

“We have a progressive safety program. Since implementing the EFA into this program, we have taken our experience modification rate from a 1.26 to a 0.76.  My insurance company loves me. They have witnessed it assisting other employees by accurately diagnosing the source of their injury, allowing them to get the proper treatment and return to post-injury status much quicker.”

Judi Tipps, Corporate Secretary, Lankford Construction Company

"We started working with Emerge Diagnostics in 2016 as a pilot program. If it is a work-related injury, it allows us to get the best medical care available for our employees.”

Greer Woodruff, Senior Vice President of Safety, Security and Personnel at J.B. Hunt.