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The EFA Test Provides Accurate Diagnosis of Soft Tissue Injuries

Because MRIs, X-rays and CT scans are not designed to be dynamic or to assess muscle function, they cannot help with sprain and strain injuries. Emerge’s Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment (EFA) Test is designed to objectively identify, locate, and diagnose the location, identify the nature, and diagnose the extent and age of soft tissue injuries. Our EFA Test also provides site-specific treatment recommendations to speed the recovery process.

The EFA Test is a new and valuable tool to be used in conjunction with, or as a complement to other diagnostic tests, including X-ray and MRI, giving you more information for a better diagnosis. Our EFA Device is registered with the FDA as a Class II Medical Device for the diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders.

Five Tests in One

Emerge’s EFA Test is a noninvasive and non-loading diagnostic evaluation that combines five American Medical Association accepted tests into one comprehensive, objective and reproducible evaluation.

Our EFA Test includes 1) range of motion, 2) functional assessment, 3) pinch strength, 4) grip strength, and 5) electromyography (EMG).

For accurate diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries of the back, neck, shoulder, and extremities, including repetitive strain injury, the EFA Test identifies the location and age of injury and determines if the patient is compliant, malingering, and/or in pain.

Easy to Implement for Better Care and Cost Savings

You can easily place and implement our EFA Test in an occupational health clinic setting. Emerge medical staff reviews post-loss tests and provides your clinic with a comprehensive report allowing targeted, site-specific treatment for better outcomes.

The objective information provided by Emerge’s EFA Test aids in accurate first-time diagnosis, avoids unnecessary or inappropriate surgeries and treatments, leads to swifter recovery times, and provides evidence to prevent fraudulent claims from tying up your resources.

Accurate Diagnosis Provides Proper Treatment and Speeds Recovery

Using non-invasive technology, our EFA Test can accurately diagnose soft tissue injuries of the back, neck, shoulder, and extremities, including repetitive strain injury. Our device provides information about your injured muscles that MRIs, X-rays, and CT scans would otherwise miss.

The information we provide your physician from the EFA Test can pinpoint the muscle group location of your soft tissue injuries, identify their nature, and diagnose their extent and age. Along with this information, our test results provide targeted information, allowing site-specific treatment to improve your care and hasten your recovery. Our EFA Test has been shown to reduce potential misdiagnoses, prevent unnecessary or inappropriate surgeries and treatments, and get you healed and back in action more quickly.

“My first obligation as a doctor is to do no harm and Emerge’s EFA helps to ensure I do that. The fact is, surgery isn’t always the best option. There’s the risk of mistakes; there is risk of infection and so forth—and frankly surgery often fails to address the underlying issue. This diagnostic tool is excellent at identifying the root cause of the problem, so that patients aren’t undergoing surgeries that might not be effective in addressing what’s causing their pain or lack of mobility.”

Dr. Frank Tomecek

Board-certified neurosurgeon & clinical associate professor of the Department of Neurosurgery , University of Oklahoma College of Medicine-Tulsa