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Accurate Diagnosis Provides Proper Treatment and Speeds Recovery

Using non-invasive technology, our EFA Test can accurately diagnose soft tissue injuries of the back, neck, shoulder, and extremities, including repetitive strain injury. Our device provides information about your injured muscles that MRIs, X-rays, and CT scans would otherwise miss.

The information we provide your physician from the EFA Test can pinpoint the muscle group location of your soft tissue injuries, identify their nature, and diagnose their extent and age. Along with this information, our test results provide targeted information, allowing site-specific treatment to improve your care and hasten your recovery. Our EFA Test has been shown to reduce potential misdiagnoses, prevent unnecessary or inappropriate surgeries and treatments, and get you healed and back in action more quickly.

People who have used our EFA test report:

  • Shorter disability periods and faster return-to-work times
  • Better treatment solutions and quality of life